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Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude) Empty Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude)

Post by Graham on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:04 pm

I tried typing a few sentences of various ideas and this one took off. The first paragraph is stream of consciousness nonsense and I could easily have continued but the second idea intruded and there has to be something worth reading. You are lucky this is the second draft.

Dr. Z. Draft 02

Words 502

Wednesday 23rd June

‘Jagged-edge cowboys tooling handsome leather golfcarts, down incandescent fountain yawning catfish feed tumescent flesh and bulbous warthogs drop their trousers singing ghostly high efulgent trees. Ghouls grin green that drop right down in front of you and fingers delicate trace with spidery nails down your worn and frightened flesh. Fetid breath, putrescent lips, dripping yellow pus and stinking rotting limbs, empty skulls chatter feverish, tossing golden locks and pouting. Blinding nuclear light, searing eyelid, singeing heat crackling skin, bursts, tearing red muscle through foamy boiling fat, splitting stomachs, tearing hearts and liver, dripping, sizzling, corroding, covering, crippling.’

The patient is seldom lucid so it is unusual to get such a full statement from him. Maintain Diazepam 15mg x 3 daily, Xanax 10 mg before next session. This is encouraging progress. I will boil it with the others.

Friday 25th June

James is still lethargic but responding to my questions. He seems to do better when encourgaged to write. Clear case of diethigesis. This was the result today.

‘I am nobody and nothing. Look, look at my hands. You can see right through them, my body, all of it, completely transparent. Ha, ha, good thing I’m wearing my hospital gown. Good think I’m hearing my hospital down, gown, grouwn, groan. Goin, go on. Go on.’

We discussed his condition, stressing the relationship with his parents and the effervescent. Tooling gently but obligingly hanging I think upping the Diazepam and allowing more frequent Xanax will sordidly lid on playful, tits aforefuck, mentioned he might need to kill someone. This is almost certainly fantasy but we will probe it further at the next session.

Monday 28th June

Real progress, James is speakering intelligibly, if somewhat abstrusely. I’ll get nurse to transcribe it.

Dr. Z: James, when you said you might have to kill someone who did you mean?

James: Kill, surely not Doctor, that would be immoral and self-indulgent in all but the most egregious of circumstances.

Dr Z.: And are there any such circumstances?

James: Well, what do you think one should do if incarcerated against one’s will for unspecified crimes and with no recourse to law? Hmm? I’d say quomodocumque, wouldn’t you?

Dr Z.: Quite. Do you believe you are incarcerated here against your willy?

James: Against what?

Dr Z.: Against your will, and specifically when we say unspecified crimes there is a lengthy charge sheet, length of course not being everything.

James: Doctor, are you all right? You are not making complete sense.

Dr Z.: I think you’ll find it’s all in the mind as the spider said to the flea. I squiggledy squeak and often speak in rules of ten times three. Blossom it will in terror abound, sometimes in swarth and often unsound. No one breaks if not first broken, nothing is said if not first spoken. Broken fists  and peeling skin, oozing fat and lymph within. I am God’s doctor, he calls when sick, a lobotomy please but make it quick.

Nurse J. refused to transcribe more.


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Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude) Empty Re: Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude)

Post by DavidK on Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:09 pm

Graham, you will certainly win the coveted "Furthest Off The Wall" award. Great stuff. I could eat it up with a slivey carburetor.
My last attempt to get you to accept one of my suggestions.
1. Needs a better title e.g. Transferred Epithet.
2. Subject is named as "patient" once and "James" thereafter. Unless there is a subtle reason for this, stick to "James".
3. Dr. should be completely lucid to begin with. Scrap "I will boil it with the others".

Alternatively, just ignore the above.


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Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude) Empty Re: Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude)

Post by Graham on Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:02 pm

Thanks David.

Title: I agree it's a bit stopgap but 'transferred epithet'? I prefer 'slivey carburetor'.

James/patient: you are absolutley right and on grounds of sheer obstinacy I would normally reject your suggestion but seeing as it's your last chance, your stretch target is hereby achieved.

Boil it: there isn't much space to develop his lunacy. It needs something here that has a suggestion of battiness but might just be medical. Consider this your new stretch target.


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Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude) Empty Re: Dr Z. (warning - graphic and rude)

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