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Mae and Jack Empty Mae and Jack

Post by DavidK on Mon May 28, 2018 12:01 pm

Mae and Jack

Mae: Jack, I’ve concluded that while I lean towards Utilitarianism, you are an out and out Epicurean. I flatter myself that I have won most of our philosophical debates to date, although I concede this may change when you achieve the age of four next month.

Despite the first rate education I am providing, free, for you, your Mum has decided that you should enrol in Nursery School, and spend time with children of your own age, discussing Tom and Jerry rather than Gregory Smith’s Caledonian Antisyzygy. There’s an old African proverb that it takes a whole village to raise a child.

So, we shall now spend Tuesday mornings, like this, walking past Arthur’s Seat, en route to your first Alma Mater. Ah, let’s take advantage of this park bench and share a satsuma.

Now, all that you see before you is igneous, Devonian rock, albeit on a sedimentary rock base. We are sitting on the rim of a volcano. No, don’t worry. We are not likely to be engulfed in fiery magma. When the volcano erupted, Scotland was floating off the coast of America, in the vicinity of the equator. But that was four hundred million years ago. Before you were born. Even before I was born. In fact, before anyone was born. I thought that would impress you. Can you imagine the entire land mass of Scotland inching its way across the Atlantic Ocean over the millennia, only to come to rest against England. Well, you can’t be lucky all the time.


Hello Jack. Did you play nicely with the other children? What’s this? A painting? For me? How kind. Now let me look at it. Ah, an excellent piece of work, Jack. The juxtaposition of vibrant colours is distinctly Fauvist, yet the ensemble is Post-Modern with a nod and a wink to the Dadaists.

I take your heart warming smile to be concurrence with my analysis.

Oh, if you had asked me I would have said holding a chocolate and paint smeared paw was not an attractive proposition, and yet…. I concede it may not be unconnected to the square of Yorkie I provided. Let’s set sail for home. (Sighs) I suppose Mother knows best. Our topic for discussion today is Tom and Jerry - derealized or distanciated violence?


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