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Not The End Of The World - Christopher Brookmyre Empty Not The End Of The World - Christopher Brookmyre

Post by Graham on Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:07 pm

Not The End Of The World is un-put-downable. Brookmyre has fashioned an edge-of-your-seat thriller that has bags of smart dialogue, engaging characters and a touching love story. He has been compared to Carl Hiassen but I would add Robert Rankin and Jonas Jonassen. In one of his earlier books the hero fashions an escape rope out of someone’s intestines. If anything, the events in this are even more outrageous but, thankfully, less gruesome. You might occasionally have to reread the odd infelicitous phrase but the sheer pace bowls you along. I read the whole thing in a couple of sittings.

It is set in LA with a cast of whip-smart detectives, a porn actress and other authentic denizens of the US West coast. Standing out like a sore thumb is Steff (Stephen) Kennedy, lanky Motherwell supporter and with an accent you could cement bricks with. He’s been sent to photograph the AFFM’s annual shindig, a gathering of movie makers at the other end of the market from Spielberg. Unfortunately, across the street the Revd. Luther St John is holding his Community of the Saved rally with a specific remit of harrassing the godless. One of their number takes the task more seriously and begins a high-stakes campaign of bombing and hostage-taking specifically targeting Maddy Witherson, child-abuse survivor, senatorial daughter and adult movie actress. It’s very tongue in cheek and has a lot of acerbic comment on the US’s obsession with charismatic TV preachers.

I enjoyed every page and thoroughly recommend it.


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